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King of Beasts. It represents the Lion of Justice explemplifying poise and controlled power.

This represents the brilliance of knowledge, dispersing ignorance and superstition.

The union of three chains stands for the Pauline virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.

The palm tree thrives where other trees can hardly stand. Here it represents Triumph over environmental handicaps.

Symbol of Ghana's wealth. It means the proper use of wealth to sweeten the cares of life.

THE SCHOOL MOTTO: Esse Quam Videri - translated as "To be, rather than to seem."


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Miss Ogrady Award

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School Domitory

School Domitory

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Welcome to Accra Academy Alumni Web site!!!!!      Esse Quam Videri - To be, rather than to seem.!!!!!                Accra Aca Bleooo!!!!!!!!

Samuel Victor Quao attended Accra Academy between 1969 and 1976, where he obtained his ‘O’ and ‘A’ level General Certificates of Education in 1974 and 1976 respectively. He proceeded to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, where from 1976 to 1980 he read Electrical Engineering and was awarded a Bachealor of Science Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1980.

He did his national service with the Electricity Company of Ghana, ECG from September 1980 to June 1981. During this period, he went through a rigorous professional training progamme that took him to the following sections of the Company: Planning and Development, Commercial, Control Room, Control Maintenance, Sub-station Maintenance and Distribution at the Accra South and later at the Accra North-West Districts of the ECG. He was employed by the ECG as an Assistant Electrical Engineer immediately after his National Service and was attached to Control Maintenance Section, where his duties included the checking and periodic re-setting of relays that controlled protective circuit breakers installed at the Company’s Sub-stations.

Victor left the ECG after only four months and joined Remco Shipping Lines, a Company owned by a mix of Ghanaian and Dutch businessmen. He worked with Remco shipping Lines as a Fifth- and later as a Fourth-Engineer-Officer. He sailed on two of the Company’s vessels, namely M.V. ‘Ferial’ and M.V. ‘Hentis’ between 1981 and 1988. He travelled extensively in Europe: France, the Netherlands, West Germany, German Democratic Republic, Denmark, Belgium and Sweden, Venezuela, Brazil, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire and Guinea, and the USA in North America. His main duties were keeping watch on the vessels’ main and two auxiliary engines, as well as carrying out maintenance on all of these and all ancillary equipment such as boilers and centrifuges as well as numerous pumps.

In 1988, he resettled in Ghana and worked with All Afra Electric Company Ltd., where he covered close to 20 years of service as Electrical Engineer. He did an unprecedented number of designs and supervision of installation of street lighting projects across the length and breadth of Ghana, and this took him to all TEN regional capitals of Ghana and the metropolis of Tema, as well as such towns as Assin Fosu, Wenchi and Techiman. Other projects that he was involved in whilst at All Afra include the following: electrical installation to (a) the CID Headquarters Building on Ring Road in Accra, and (b) the National Science and Technology Library and Information Centre (NASTLIC) Building on the Olengun Obasanjoh Way also in Accra for the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR).

He currently runs his own Electrical Engineering and Contracting Firm, New City Electric Company Ltd., and employs some seven workers, mainly electrical technicians. New City Electric Company is located at Mataheko in Accra. Some of his Company’s clients are the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), Accra Markets Ltd., owners of the Kaneshie Market Complex and Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. New City Electric Co. also worked as sub-contractors for the installation of street lighting at Flagstaff House.

Victor’s association with Accra Academy started way before 1969, when he entered the school. His father was an Old Boy (1946) and Victor (Jnr) remembers with lots of nostalgia his Dad’s accounts of landmark events at the Accra Academy. One that he readily recalls is the origin of the school slogan, - Accra Aca, bleoo’, which space will not allow us to recount in full.

At any rate, this slogan, his Dad used to say came about after an inter-collegiate sports event in Kumasi. Achiomta School, then very formidable in sports travelled on the same train as the Accra Academy to Kumasi. The Achimotans made a lot of noise on the train on the way to Kumasi. There were countless loud calls of ’Zeee, Zeee’ (denoting zebra, the colours of that school). Accra Aca didn’t have a slogan then, neither did they have a choice than to remain quite the entire duration of the trip. However, at the Games, Accra Aca won the ultimate award: the Aggrey Shield for the overall best team, in addition to seven other enviable awards. One can imagine how mute the Achimotans became on the return journey to Accra. It was then that Mr. Adjin-Tettey, presently a retired Sports Consultant and a past Chief National Coach coined the slogan, Accra Aca, Bleoo. It was all over the train, much to the displeasure of the Achimotans. There were other stories, which made my choice of Accra Academy as the institution for my secondary education a fore-gone conclusion. Another encounter Victor had before setting foot at Accra Academy was with one of his teachers at Radiantway Preparatory School, then situated at Korle Gonno on the Old Winneba Road.

His name was Mr. Cudjoe. He was so fond of and spoke so much about the school that he encouraged most of his pupils to make Accra Aca their first choice school during the 1968/69 Common Entrance Examination. Most of the pupils did, and no wonder, as many as sixteen of students admitted in September 1969 to the Accra Academy were past students of Mr. Cudjoe. Most of Victor’s mates will remember expressions like ‘use your gumptions’ and the like, which Mr. Cudjoe used so often then. Victor still maintains close ties with the school: he is currently the Vice Chairman of the School’s Board of Governors, and plays a very active role in the organization of the Old Boys’ Association: no wonder he chairs the Board’s committee on Old Boys’ Affairs.

To someone like Victor, still very much in touch with the school, things have changed a lot since they left Accra Academy. In their day, discipline was at its best. Such activities as daily morning meditation and inspection really did prepare them for life after school. Juniors- and for that matter seniors-bathing periods were strictly adhered to. This he believes helped in no small ways in shaping their time-keeping ability. Saturday morning inspection, in his day was competitive, and it did help a great deal to inculcate in them the need to keep their surroundings clean at all times. In general, school itinerary, including Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening roll calls, were observed to the letter. One of the greatest challenges Victor encountered at the Accra Academy occurred shortly after he was elected Head Prefect in the 1975/76 academic year. He humbly admits that prefects who immediately preceded his team were not all that strict, and this allowed a lot of lassitude to creep into their stewardship.

Naturally, the boys wanted a continuation of this so they could stay above school regulations; but this was not to be. Victor’s team was determined to turn things around. Most of the boys with that mindset, and who had helped him get elected, by joining his campaign were so disappointed that some of them took a confrontational stand against him. He is however proud to say that today, these same ‘boys’, some of whom still happen to be very close friends of his candidly agree that he and his team gave Accra Academy one of the best set of prefects. Victor Quao’s involvement in the affairs of the Old Boys dates back to 1998. He was Vice President and later President of the Decade Club, which later became the 70-80 Club. He served on the 70th Anniversary Dinner Dance Committee, and chaired the 72nd, 75th and 80th Anniversary Dinner Dance / Awards Nite Committees. He has also served on all the Anniversary Planning Committees since the 70th. Victor, together with other Old Boys, namely: Kisco Ashong, (Bleoo ‘76), Cyril Barnes, Winston Nelson-Addy and Nii Abbey-Ashong (all of Bleoo ’75) mooted the idea of an Old Boys’ Dormitory Project during Homecoming 2002.

With support from others like Nii Ankrah Ankrah, (Bleoo’ 71), the Project Architect; Mr. Fred Korsina, (Bleoo ’72), the Project QS and Mr. Ayitey Stephens, (Bleoo ’74), the Project Structural Engineer, the ground floor of this 3-storey dormitory project has been completed, and is being ocuupied - thanks also to the many Old Boys who contributed towards this project, and to the invaluable assistance from the PTA. Victor serves as the Mechanical and Electrical Services Engineer on the Project. He is currently President of his year-group, Bleoo ’74. As a matter of interest, Bleoo ’74 sponsored the installation of street lighting from the K. G. Konuah Hall to the boarding house. His group, according to Victor, have also established an Endowment Fund with nearly GHC 20,000.00 (twenty thousand Ghana Cedis), and provides scholarship for two brilliant but financially needy science students of the school. The scholarship is in honour of Miss Alice O’Grady and is named after her. She was a Peace Corps volunteer, who taught General Science at the school between 1968 and 1972.

Miss O’Grady was invited to Ghana to personally make the presentation of the inaugural award in September 2008. She presently lives in her native US. According to Victor, the Accra Academy Endowment Fund has been established with assistance from Mr. Wilson Tei, (Bleoo ’70), and will be inaugurated shortly. The Board of Trustees of the Fund, he reiterated, is made up of professionally competent Old Boys. The Fund’s primary objective is to solicit and administer funds in the form of donations to the school and channel same into viable projects that will further improve facilities for teaching and learning at Accra Academy. Victor serves on the Board of Trustees of the Accra Academy Endowment Fund, representing the interest of the Board of Governors. Victor’s final word to all Old Boys is simple: ‘there is strength in numbers. Let’s endeavour to come on board so together we can build the synergy required to put our Alma Mater on the pedestal that will make it continue to churn out the quality human resource that our dear Nation, Ghana requires in her march to attaining a middle-income status earlier than envisaged by our politicians.

Accra Aca, Bleoo! Accra Aca, Bleoo!! Accra Aca Bleoo!!!

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