King of Beasts. It represents the Lion of Justice explemplifying poise and controlled power.
This represents the brilliance of knowledge, dispersing ignorance and superstition.
The union of three chains stands for the Pauline virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.
The palm tree thrives where other trees can hardly stand. Here it represents Triumph over environmental handicaps.
Symbol of Ghana's wealth. It means the proper use of wealth to sweeten the cares of life.

Esse Quam Videri

translated as
"To be, rather than to seem."

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Welcome to Accra Academy Alumni Web site!!!!!      Esse Quam Videri - To be, rather than to seem.!!!!!                Accra Aca Bleooo!!!!!!!!

On Thursday, 22nd March 2012, a landmark ceremony to inaugurate the Accra Academy Endowment Fund was held at the school in the Headmaster’s Office. The event was chaired by Mr. V.B. Freeman (Bleoo’56), an eminent educationist, fourth headmaster of the school and currently a member of the governing body of the Accra Academy.

The members of the Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund are:

Wilson Tei (Bleoo’68)-M.D. of Provident Life Assurance - Chairman, Sir Samuel Nii Sackey Sykes (Bleoo’68)-Rep for UK/Europe, Ebenezer Fred Korsinah (Bleoo’72)-Quantity Surveyor, Dr. Kwei Jones-Quartey (Bleoo’73)-Rep for North America, S. Victor Quao (Bleoo’74)-Electrical Engineer, Amb. R.O. Solomon (Bleoo’76)-Lawyer, Samuel Ofori-Adjei (Headmaster), Paul Egyir Mensah-Accra Academy Staff Rep, Nii Abbey-Ashong (Bleoo’75) - Secretary.

Mrs. Ernestina Afosah-Anim, the Regional Director of Education inducted the members of the Board of Trustees into office. The Endowment Fund is a means of formalizing a uniquely Academician tradition. The founders established the school to help brilliant pupils from Accra’s less financially endowed families attain a secondary education. With tremendous sacrifice, some founders even shortened their own college education to fulfill the dream of providing a quality education at comparatively low cost. Some staff took personal responsibility for students who could not afford to pay their fees. Examples abound of graduates of the school who but for the existence of the Accra Academy would not have had their academic dreams realized. The Accra Academy offered the cheapest secondary education at the time, and many who attended the school had their education heavily subsided. Behind the Endowment Fund is the Academician ideal of giving a financial leg up to those who are otherwise not have been able to afford it. There have always been people behind the scenes who have provided the extra funds to meet the full cost of being educated. Not only must we not let that tradition die, we must enhance it by committing to supporting education at the Accra Academy and making it accessible to as many deserving students as possible. The school’s infrastructure is in dire need of improvement. Accra Academy makes do with what it has, but it would do even better if it had more. Some of the most pressing physical issues (by no means the only ones) are the following:

1. The school perimeter wall: The whole of the southern fence wall needs reconstruction.
2. Staff accommodation: Only 15 out of nearly 150 staff reside on campus. Living on campus is satisfier to teachers and access to teachers on campus is a quality measure.
3. Student accommodation: Currently, the student population is 2256 but only 900 of them are boarders because of limited facilities. Dormitory space and expanded dining facilities enable students to attend Accra Academy from all over Ghana, increasing diversity and the breadth of a student’s experience in the school.
4. Sports facilities: Mens sana in corpore sano (Latin for “sound mind in a sound body”). Physical activity is a vital partner to academics. The school badly needs an up-to-standard football field, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, and a badminton and table tennis hall.
5. A modern computer laboratory is vital if students are to advance into the 21st century and help transform Ghana into a successful participant in the world community.
6. A language laboratory is as important as a computer lab because of the global economy. An example is the growing importance of Chinese as an international language.
7. Science laboratories: The present facilities are outmoded and in critical need of upgrading.
8. Durbar grounds for school gatherings: the K.G.Konuah Hall simply cannot accommodate the entire student body.

Accra Academy is well respected as an institution. In both its 2008 and 2009 lists of Top Ten Secondary Schools in Ghana, Serve rated Accra Academy in first place. In 2010 and 2011, Accra Academy slipped to second place, and in 2012, it was in 4th place. If this trend continues, it means either that the school is sliding in its standards or other schools are surpassing it, or both. None of these situations is desirable. A stop must be put to the trend. That takes funds. Keeping up with 21st century infrastructure, technology, teaching and examination standards all comes with a cost.

Unlike in the past, an Endowment Fund gives donors a secure destination for their contributions. The Board of Trustees is entrusted with the safeguarding of the Fund. The decisions on the purposes to which the monies are put rests with the School Board. In the year 2012, assuming gainful employment up to the age of 60 and excluding students who have graduated less than six years ago, there are approximately 6650 alumni who could potentially donate to the school. That figure drops to 2660 if it is conservatively assumed that only 40% of this number of alumni is willing or able to donate.

The present thinking of the Board of Trustees regarding donations is a paradigm shift away from the “blockbuster” model in which a few individuals donate large amounts. Now the viewpoint is that “a little from many makes a lot.” For instance, if 2660 alumni donate only $/£/GHc1.00 a month, this comes to a substantial total of $/£/GHc13, 920.00 a year. Even $/£/GHc10 per month is only 50 cents/pence/pesewas per day of a 5-day workweek. In effect, no small amount is too small. The most important consideration is becoming a sustaining donor, i.e. contributing a regular amount (no matter how small) on a regular basis. This is the most supportive and effective method of donating.

1) Recurring or one-time donations to the Endowment Fund can be made via the website, by PayPal or credit card.

2) In the US, automatic withdrawals from your online checking account (“set it and forget it”) or conventional check to Accra Academy Alumni 592 Holly Lane North Brunswick, NJ 08902

3) In the US and UK, recurring bank transfers to Accra Academy Endowment Fund Standard Chartered Bank, High Street Accra, Ghana Account number 0150403687500 SWIFT code: SCBLGHAC (However there is usually an exorbitant fee for bank transfers.)

This year, 2012, marks Accra Academy’s 80th year since founding. With the creation of the Endowment Fund, we look forward to it also being a landmark year for launching of the school’s robust financial health.

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