1 - Accra Academy our pride. The school of no regrets. In her our little minds were shaped. To serve our Nation Great.
2 - In Ellen House our School was born. To men of sacrifice. The cradle low, the hands so few. The future, blurred and bleak.
3 - We humbly bow in gratitude. To all who chiselled us. Their praises we shall sing always. Their memories still revered.
4 - From humble growth this school of ours. A pride of place has won. Her children great in every clime Of Ghana's great domain.
5 - 0 Lord, to Thee we dedicate Accra Academy. Esse Quam Videri, we say and Bleoo, Accra Aca.

THE SCHOOL MOTTO: Esse Quam Videri - translated as "To be, rather than to seem."




Welcome to Accra Academy Alumni Web site!!!!!      Esse Quam Videri - To be, rather than to seem.!!!!!                Accra Aca Bleooo!!!!!!!!

My name is Gilbert Osei Boateng. I completed my "O" levels at Accra Aca in 1974. My most memorable events were the annual cross country races. I remember when my classmate who was the favored guy to win could not finish the race.

My favorite teacher was Ms. Alice O'Grady. She was one of the best science teachers that Accra Aca had. It has been a while since I left the school and there are a few classmates that I would like to hear from.

Coming from a small town in Ghana - Akropong Akwapim, I was impressed with the buildings and the whole set up of the school.

Many thanks to Mr. Richard Antwi-Boasiako(RA) for his vision to create a website for the Accra Academy Alumni.

We will be expecting your comments which will help us make this site the more useful to all of us. Long live our great school and God be with us all. Accra Aca Bleoooooo.

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