King of Beasts. It represents the Lion of Justice explemplifying poise and controlled power.
This represents the brilliance of knowledge, dispersing ignorance and superstition.
The union of three chains stands for the Pauline virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.
The palm tree thrives where other trees can hardly stand. Here it represents Triumph over environmental handicaps.
Symbol of Ghana's wealth. It means the proper use of wealth to sweeten the cares of life.

Esse Quam Videri

translated as
"To be, rather than to seem."

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Welcome to Accra Academy Alumni Web site!!!!!      Esse Quam Videri - To be, rather than to seem.!!!!!                Accra Aca Bleooo!!!!!!!!

A twenty-four member committee has been inaugurated by the Board of Governors of Accra Academy to see to the successful organization of the 80th Anniversary celebrations of the school. The committee, which is chaired by Mr. V. B. Freeman, comprises old students, board of governors, faculty members, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) and staff.
It has been mandated to select a date, venue and principal personalities for the events and programmes for the celebrations to make it a memorable one. Inaugurating the committee, Mr. S. Victor Quao, Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors said, “80 years in the life of any educational institution is worth celebrating” and thus the need to set up a competent committee to see to the celebrations.

Mr. Quao urged the committee to hold up high the spirit of determination and selflessness that saw the founding of the school on July 20, 1931 Dr. K. G. Konuah, Messrs J. A. Hallm Addo, S. N. Awuletey and G. N. Alema, who were all below 30 years then. He said, the founders saw the plight of the young and needy but brilliant people in the society and were moved with compassion to provide them with quality education. The inauguration was held at the school’s premises and was well represented by old students, teaching and non-teaching staff, as well as Board of Governors of the school.
Among some of the members of the committee are Dr. Ebenezer Quashi Blavo of the 1944 year group of the school, Mr. Samuel Ofori-Adjei, the school’s headmaster, Mr. S. Victor Quao representing the 1974 group, Nii Lantei Thompson, representing the Parent-Teacher Association, Ambassador R. O. Solomon of the 1976 group, Nii Maale-Adjei of the 1980 group, Nunya Gadegbeku of the 1984 group, Mr Cyril Barnes of the 1975, Mr. Kofi Aidoo of the 1978 group, Mr. C. T. Asare, Mrs. Elizabeth Abbey and Nii Abbey-Ashong, Assistant Heads Academic, Domestic and Administration respectively.
According to Mr. Quao, the Board recommended that the Freeman Committee should consider having a grand church service, organize social events such as blood donation, health education, tree planting exercise, a launch of the anniversary, as well as a speech and prize-giving day. In addition, the Board also recommended that the committee produced an Anniversary Brochure which will tell the story of Accra Academy since its inception till date and organize a “Konuah, Halm-Addo, Awulety and Alema” Memorial Lecture. Mr. Quao noted that the committee was to employ fund-raising methods to get more money to complement what the school would provide. Accepting the chairmanship position, Mr. Freeman thanked the Board for the confidence and the task imposed on him and assured them of his selflessness and a high level of teamwork that will see to the successful organization of the anniversary

Dr. Blavo (Bleoo 44) on the floor.
Nii Abbey-Ashong , the MC for the occasion on the floor.
Ambassador Solomon having his turn at the inuaguration.
Nii Abbey-Ashong (Asst Hd Adm), Sam Ofori-Adjei (Hdmster), Victor Quao (Vice Chrmn, BoG) and Dr Blavo.
Mr. V. B. Freeman, Chairman of the Committee, giving his acceptance speech.
Dr. Blavo (Bleoo 44) dancing to a popular Academy song.
Dr. Blavo on the floor encouraging the committee to do a good job.
Mr. C. T. Asare, Assistant Head Academic Rendering the Vote of Thanks after the inauguration.
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