THE LION: King of Beasts. It represents the Lion of Justice explemplifying poise and controlled power.

THE SUN: This represents the brilliance of knowledge, dispersing ignorance and superstition.

THE THREE CHAINS: The union of three chains stands for the Pauline virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.

THE PALM TREE: The palm tree thrives where other trees can hardly stand. Here it represents Triumph over environmental handicaps.

COCOA TREE: Symbol of Ghana's wealth. It means the proper use of wealth to sweeten the cares of life.

THE SCHOOL MOTTO: Esse Quam Videri - translated as "To be, rather than to seem."



1 - Accra Academy our pride. The school of no regrets. In her our little minds were shaped. To serve our Nation Great.
2 - In Ellen House our School was born. To men of sacrifice. The cradle low, the hands so few. The future, blurred and bleak.
3 - We humbly bow in gratitude. To all who chiselled us. Their praises we shall sing always. Their memories still revered.
4 - From humble growth this school of ours. A pride of place has won. Her children great in every clime Of Ghana's great domain.
5 - O Lord, to Thee we dedicate Accra Academy. Esse Quam Videri, we say and Bleoo, Accra Aca.




Welcome to Accra Academy Alumni Web site!!!!!      Esse Quam Videri - To be, rather than to seem.!!!!!                Accra Aca Bleooo!!!!!!!!


The USA alumni is meeting in New Jersey on Saturday 1st September, 2007
@ First Presbyterian Church Irvington NJ 07111.
Time: 5:00pm prompt.
Agenda will be the challenges of the school and the
writing of the constitution of the USA Alumni.
The group meets the first Saturday of the following months
March, June, September, December.

For details, please contact
Richard on 732-398-9849 or
Gilbert on 732-442-3230.

Accra Aca Bleoo..
[From: ]


The UK Alumni is organizing the 76th Anniversary Dinner Dance
in aid of the Accra Aca Tower Clock on 6th October, 2007 in London at
Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Kesington, London.
Time: 6:30pm - 1am.

For details, please contact
Desmond Nii Moi 020 82409485
Dr. Ernest Nortley 020 864 62550
Douglas Dodoo 07 957 385020
Sam Sykes 020 868 82740
Nii Nortei Omaboe 020 885 74440
John Hammond 020 820 47888

Accra Aca Bleoo..
[From: ]

BLEOO 1972

Hi, my name is Benjamin N.B.Kotey. I left Accra Aca in 1972.
I used to be in Aglionby hall but later moved to International
I am trying to trace a good friend of mine by the name of Edwin Nii Adjei
who was also at International Hall.
I would be interested to hear from anyone who happens to
know the whereabouts of Edwin who was from Osu.

Accra Aca Bleoo..
[From: ]

BLEOO 1982

I completed my O's in 1982 and to Presec and
UST (now KNUST) thereafter. Any chance of getting hold of old boys
have proved futile. Should you get in touch with Emmanuel Boafo Asare alias
' Seidu', Sigismund Jones, Dr.(OB/GYN)Stanley Jones brother 1982 as O's
and 1984 in the A/Levels, Daniel Attuquaye Botchway of either 1985 or
1984 year group, I'll be grateful.
Thanks in anticipation

Accra Aca Bleoo..
[From: ]

Class of 80

I attended Accra Aca from 1975 to 1980, and I am in serach of David Q.Lartey.
Please send me all necessary information if you know his where about.

[From: ]

Class of 1962 (First Form Five Students of the New Site)

Any old boy of the above-mentioned class in the USA should contact me,
Tom Paine aka Nii Sowa Antemu Kome at this e-mail address:
bikome123@yahoo.com or Telephone 732-264-7088

Signed bikome.
[From: ]

1990/92 classmates

Stephen Stanley Quaye is seeking the company of all 1990/92 year group guys
especially Jonathan Sepenou who was the school Prefect of 1992.
I can be reached on the following numbers and E-mail.
Tel: 00233 244 667 625 / 00233 020 822 0914
E-mail: qstevoo@yahoo.com

kind regards.
[From: ]

Accra Aca from 1973 to 1978

I attended Accra Aca from 1973 to 1978 as a boarding student. I resided in Aglionby Hall. I need to get in touch with any of the guys that finished around my days. I was a business student at Accra Aca. I currently live in New York. We need to form a strong Alunmi Association in New York and help hook up our alma mata.

[From: ]

All 91(o level) and 93(a level)

all 91(o level) and 93(a level) year group, come and let us link up at bleoogroup@groups.msn.com

cheers mates.
[From: ]

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